Author Robin Duke

My Funny Life and Improvising Through It

Robin Duke
Tentative release date is 2020

Robin is writing her memoir as part of her masters of fine arts degree in creative non-fiction at University of King’s College in Halifax, N.S.

I enlisted for Saturday morning workshops taught by John Candy and Joe Flaherty.  Apparently, improvising wasn’t as easy as it looked. Many rules and techniques had  to be learned to create the magic I had witnessed on stage. Basic concepts, like how to listen, how to collaborate and how to agree were taught by playing games, each with its own set of rules.  These rules not only applied to successfully creating scenes on stage, but also gave me the tools to survive a career in writing and performing comedy on SCTV and Saturday Night Live, to have a baby at forty, to teach full time at fifty, to live through breast cancer at fifty four, to get a masters degree and write a memoir in my sixties.  

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My Funny Life and Improvising Through It is a scrapbook memoir.
I call it a scrapbook because I include a hoarder’s basement chalk full of personal photographs from  backstage Second City and Saturday Night Live days and the late night writing sessions and parties. There are notes on scripts from SCTV, SNL  and Groundhog Day directors as well as sketches I’ve written based on personal experiences.
But it’s not just about me and how funny I am, although I do hope to get a few laughs along the way. After all, I have been in the business of comedy for over forty years.

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